We craft specialists

We know what the industry wants and that is why the innovative specialization based training at EVAN Multimedia is designed to craft and polish your skills so you can stand out from the crowd as an expert because after all, a polished diamond is worth more than a bagful of uncut rocks!

We get you to where it matters

We know how to focus your energies on developing the right set of skills so that you follow your passion and become what you've always wanted to be. The curriculum of EVAN Multimedia stands a class apart from the rest and ensures that you get to where it matters.

Graphic Designing Courses

Graphic Designing Training

  • Graphic design is the study and practice of communicating ideas and information through printed, environmental and digital presentations.
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Web Designing Courses

Web Designing Training

  • The Web Design curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Students learn how to critically .
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SEO Traning in Noida

Search Engine Optimization

  • Today's market is competitive and one has to be top in his field to make profits and stay in the business.
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3d Animation Training

3d Animation Training

  • Bringing a character to life involves more than just technical ability. Evan's 3D Animation course equips students with the knowledge, skills, and deep critical and
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